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2016-6-2 · IGT won't talk to anyone other than casino technicians about machine repair, and they do not support the S+ machines any more (nor have they for years). On top of that, $400 for a repair visit is ridiculous. You can get a working S+ machine for less than that, and you can replace all of the parts in your machine for far less than that.

Reel Slots** Gaming Machines > IGT S2000 and Vision … I think the IGT S and S+ is a 24V versus the s2000'S which is a 13V. Harvs: --- Quote from: Ramiro83 on May 03, 2014, 08:26:56 AM ---Hi, I just recently purchased this IGT S2000 slot machine. I just realized it came without a bell. Is it possible to install one and if so where can I purchase one? Reel Slots** Gaming Machines > IGT S and S-plus Reel … IGT S+ Locking on all external parts.Let's start here: with the power on and 61 on display open door and press the reset button (it's usually right beside the on/off toggle switch) the 61 should change to 61-1 close door turn jackpot reset switch once and release it. S+ Double diamond coin reject, not registering coin, having… IGT S+ 4031C MFG 10/90 from Excalibur H&C 3 line 3 reel Game promwhen door closed. i couldn't figure out how to test 10_1 but i could geton the same board that you pressed the tiny white button to put credits on theMachine should reset do a maiden spin and turn on the insert coin light. IGT S+ Error (Tilt) Codes and Resolutions | Forum

{stop the first time you see a “7” in the Coins-In display} Set your hopper and credit limits as follows: Note: To set these values, turn the jackpot reset key to change the selected (flashing) digit. Press the spin button to increment the flashing digit. [7-1] 0000 Maximum number of credits that will actually cash out from your hopper.

For other games, especially ones like keno & slots, you may need to replace the associated software eproms (MR0, MG0, MB0The blank eprom themselves are easily found everywhere like ebay, electronics stores and slot machine dealers. 3 matches no credit | Forum Question about igt s , game seems to be working fine ,no errors but when spin sometimes 3 matches get no credit and odd matches get credits . never playedsince your machine is a S+, get into the diagnostic test, go to the test where youout the diagnostic flip cards in the second subject in the S+ section, these cards... igt slant top pe+ double double poker wba 11 no working |…

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IGT PE and PE Plus Poker Games. ... IGT Player's Edge Plus (PE+) Regular, Superboard, and Wingboard pictures. Started by knagl .... Cash Out Button. MASTERCOM 250 Installation 8 Apr 1998 ... employee at the slot machine and SDS, information that your Casino ... match optional plug-in components like icon buttons, dancing lights, relays, or .... Cash Box. 18. Ground .... end of another “phone line” cable into the open “output” jack of the ... The SILC2 is required between the MC250 and IGT S+ and. IGT PE and PE Plus Poker Games - New Life Games LLC IGT PE and PE Plus Poker Games. ... IGT Player's Edge Plus (PE+) Regular, Superboard, and Wingboard pictures. Started by knagl .... Cash Out Button. MASTERCOM 250 Installation

The primary slot game (manufactured by IGT) has reels with special symbols graphically represented by precious gems.The bonus game is initiated when a special symbol lands on the S+ pay line and more than one coin has been wagered. In the bonus game mode a random number is selected and...

The most popular machines in the military were the IGT S+ "Red, White,& Blue" themed machines. Who woulda thunk dat? Anyways, the SS3370 is just a run-of-the-mill reel chip which is just a plain, normal Type 0 chip. Wish I could help more but there's really not much documentation laying around on them older SP chips. Triple Diamone Haywire Door Open M and Bill Validator ... That's what I'm struggling with. 1) The cash box door sensor has the wires shorted together fooling the switch. T 2) The behind the bottom glass switch has proven to be functional with an ohm-meter and also the button is depressed with the glass door closed. 3) I marked the main door optical sensor with a marking and they do line up perfectly. IGT S+ Balloon Bars - trouble setting up options When you push the test button you need to keep the door open. Each push of the button changes the test page. When you find an option you want to change use the spin reels to change. When you push the test button twice I think you will have a 2 or 5 in the far left window. Turn the key until you get to 9 in that window. S+ 200SS TO WBA 12SS UPGRADE NOT WORKING?? - News: I'm trying to upgrade my bv from 200ss to a wba12ss transport and head is 12ss ,the tag on transport says wba ss 13 v3.75 new 5, it don't have a ido(I was told it is set up for s+) I lifted the label up and label under it says (ido24).so I wonder.

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Reel Slots** Gaming Machines > IGT S2000 and Vision … New slot machine addict here. I purchased a Double Diamonds machine from an estate sale a few weeks ago. The guys on the S+ forums helped me get itAny suggestions on things to rule out would be greatly appreciated. I will be reading the boards here and trying to make progress in the mean time.

Devices/Light Controller::Process Exit Failure. Started by buzzarama ... Stinkin Rich - Trash for Cash CRASHES SYSTEM!! ... IGT AVP Games on Hard drives pulled from machines? ... Black Widow - Click sound when the reels stop ... SMLD Dynamic Button upgrade ... Does anyone have a list of games on Game King 8.2? Error 64 on IGT/AC Coin S+ Slot Machine | Forum The reset button on one of the upper boards has been pushed with no change.The optics are for the lower S+ part & are fine.They look like they are coming out the front of the machine.If the cash can switch is not working the machine will not reset. S-Plus Model B5136CIW bet one credit button problem |… Weird problem. When you changed out the button housing, did you change out the spring also?I think there are service manuals and circuit drawings for the IGT S+ machine in the NLG download area. IGT S plus payout interrupted | Forum